“I will work hard to make the people proud and I hope they will enjoy my style of play”

Rajiv arrives at UD Logroñes with an outstanding sports curriculum, after having played in such important leagues as the Premier or the Eredivisie. A few hours before meeting his new team, he talks about his expectations, his enthusiasm and the great emotion that his signing has created among our fans.

– How has your signing been?

– I’m really excited to sign for UD Logroñés. I had a lot of options to sign for other teams but I didn’t had a good feeling and I’m a person who do everything based of my feeling and with Logroñés I had a really good and positive feeling. So that’s why I signed for the club.

– What do you expect coming to UD Logroñés?

– I expect that I will come to a club who has the ambition to play for the highest possible. And that I signed for a team who believes that anything is possible.

– What is your best ability? How do you define yourself?

– My best ability is the 1vs1. I can easy go past defenders and can create something out of nothing.

– What do you want to contribute to the team with your signing?

– I want to contribute goals and assists to the team and positive energy also.

– You have experience in Premier, Eredivisie, Championship… What do expect from Spanish LaLiga?

– Yeah I have also experience in these other leagues and I think It will also help me to play in Spain. But I expect from how we know the Spanish LaLiga in Holland is that Spain it’s 100% pure football and that every team play football. That’s what I really like.

– Your signing has created a great excitement among our fans: your surname “La Parra” means in Spanish the “vine”, and wine is the most famous product in our region (La Rioja), did you know?

– I’m really happy to hear that my signing created a great excitement It give me a really good feeling!! Haha I didn’t know that about my surname, thats funny to know.

– Some message for our fans.

– I’m really happy to sign for UD Logroñés I will work hard to make the people proud and I hope they will enjoy my style of play. And I hope everybody stay safe and that they soon can come to the stadium again to support us.

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